Sandoval Declines Supreme Court Consideration

Feb 25, 2016

Credit Julia Ritchey

Gov. Brian Sandoval is withdrawing his name from consideration for a Supreme Court nomination. Reno Public Radio’s Julia Ritchey reports.

Sandoval issued a brief statement earlier today saying he’s humbled by the mention but has informed the White House that he's not interested in the post right now. 

This comes a day after reports that President Obama’s team was vetting Sandoval as a possible candidate.

GOP leaders are refusing to consider any Supreme Court nomination until a new president takes office.

Carl Tobias is a law professor at the University of Richmond and formerly UNLV. He and other analysts say that selecting a Republican like Sandoval would've put GOP lawmakers in a tight spot.

“He makes an interesting choice, because the Republicans would have to disrespect one of their own by not even meeting with him,” he says. “I think that’s part of what makes this so fascinating for people, apart from his qualifications, which are quite strong.”

The popular, second-term governor is the first Latino to be elected to a statewide office here. He formerly served as Nevada attorney general and as a district court judge.