College Sexual Assaults: Why Crime Logs Don't Tell The Whole Story

Feb 9, 2016

Photo from Wiki Commons submitted by Senior Airman Jesse Lopez.

As many as one in four female college students in the United States are sexually assaulted. That’s according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. But many of these crimes are significantly underreported. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray sits down with University  of Nevada Reno’s new victims’ advocate to learn why crime logs don’t match up to what’s really going on.

Sexual assault. Stalking. Abuse. These are some of the traumas that Confidential Victims’ Advocate Nichelle Cieri hears about from students who seek her help. Although only one sexual report has been reported to UNR police services so far this school year, Cieri says many victims don’t come forward.  Nichelle Cieri joins me in the studio to explain why campus life is merely a microcosm of an overall culture that perpetuates violence.