Just Add Water: Reno River Festival Is Back

May 6, 2016

Credit Antoine Debroye, Flickr (CC by SA-2.0)

The 13th annual Reno River Festival is welcoming the return of its most critical element: water.

The gushing water of the Truckee River is a sound for sore ears as kayakers return for the annual River Festival in the heart of downtown Reno.

Jess Horning is with Liquid Blue Events, one of the organizers of the festival. He says last year the kayakers couldn't compete...

"Because the river levels were the lowest that it's ever been. This year, the river is back and so is the kayaking competition — and better than ever because we are hosting the U.S. Freestyle National Championship."

This is a big deal, according to Horning, because the championship is typically held along the East Coast.

"We competed against eight different locations, and Northern Nevada won the bid. We did so because the Truckee River is one of the premiere white water parks in the country."

River Fest usually draws about 60 athletes, but because of the added prestige of the Freestyle Championship, about 100 competitors will be visiting from across the globe.

It's not all for the kayakers, though. Horning says they'll also be zip-lining, food and beer trucks and live music at Wingfield Park from Saturday through Sunday.