Sexual Abuse Victims May Get More Time To Sue Perpetrators

Mar 2, 2017

California attorney Gloria Allred holds a press conference with AB145 sponsor Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner of Reno.
Credit Paul Boger

Nevada lawmakers are considering a bill that would give victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators.

Assembly Bill 145 would give residents 20 years after they turn 18 to seek restitution from a person who sexually assaulted them. Under the state's current statute of limitations, victims have until they are 28.

The bi-partisan legislation was introduced into the Assembly by Democrat Irene Bustamante-Adams of Las Vegas and Republican Lisa Krasner of Reno.

So far, it's only had one committee hearing, but already seems likely the measure will easily make it through the legislative process.

It has even garnered the attention of Famed, California-attorney Gloria Allred who testified in front of lawmakers Wednesday.

"Instead of having the courthouse door slammed in their face because it is too late to file a lawsuit, the door to justice will remain open for more victims to seek compensation from those who are legally responsible for the harm inflicted on them when they were children," says Allred.

If the AB145 is enacted, it will not be retroactive, meaning victims already over the age of 28 will not be able to seek damages from the abusers.