Paul Boger

News Reporter

Paul grew up in Phoenix and earned his B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Troy University in Alabama where he worked as a producer, editor and local host for Troy Public Radio. Paul then spent several years at Mississippi Public Broadcasting as the legislative and education reporter. His work there was featured on several NPR newscasts, All Things Considered, Morning Edition, PBS Newshour and the BBC.

He’s also collaborated with the NPR Ed and the Southern Education Desks on stories that have aired across the Southeast. That work has earned Paul several Mississippi AP Broadcasters Association Awards and a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award.

Paul is looking forward to calling Reno his new home. When he’s not working you can find him and his wife, Lynsey, playing with their dog, Hank. He also enjoys reading, running, hiking, camping, playing board games, collecting postcards, road tripping and, of course, listening to public radio and podcasts.

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

8:45 p.m. | September 19, 2020

Volunteers Find Big Need For Student Weekend Meals In Vegas
By The Associated Press

Serving Our Kids is a Las Vegas-area program that started small, supplying food to 20 students at one school 14 years ago. Since then, it’s grown into a nonprofit that provides weekend meals for about 3,800 students at 80 southern Nevada schools.

Sandoval, dressed in a tan suit with a silver and blue tie, stands behind a podium with the Nevada seal with a UNR backdrop behind him.
Isaac Hoops / Nevada Sagebrush

Former Governor Brian Sandoval has officially been named the next president of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Two mail-in ballots laying on a wood table.
Paul Boger / KUNR

During his campaign stops in Nevada over the weekend, Republican President Donald Trump made several false claims about Nevada’s new vote-by-mail law, characterizing it as an attempt to “rig” the election. KUNR’s Paul Boger spoke with Tom Perez, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to talk about that push for more voting by mail, and what the party is doing to elect Democrats in Nevada.

Afuera está oscuro. Un hombre se para en un podio con cinco banderas estadounidenses detrás de él. Está frente a una multitud.
Paul Boger / KUNR Radio Pública

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El presidente Donald Trump utilizó una parada de campaña en el norte de Nevada el sábado por la noche para criticar al gobernador demócrata Steve Sisolak por la cancelación de un evento de campaña en Reno.

Its dark outside. A man stands at a podium with five American flags behind him. He’s in front of a crowd.
Paul Boger / KUNR Public Radio

President Donald Trump used his campaign stop in northern Nevada over the weekend to slam Democrats and sow doubt about the integrity of the election.

President Donald Trump stands at a podium speaking. In the foreground, there’s a large crowd of supporters holding signs and their cell phones. Several American flags are displayed behind Trump.
Paul Boger

President Donald Trump used a campaign stop in Northern Nevada Saturday night to slam Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak for the cancelation of a campaign stop in Reno.

A power bill with a balance of two-hundred eighty-two dollars sits on a table.
Brendan Wood / Flickr Creative Commons

Many states introduced moratoriums to protect residents from having their utilities shut off for non-payment during the early days of the pandemic. But those moratoriums are coming to an end.

Rows of red school chairs placed in an empty classroom.
dcJohn / Flickr Creative Commons

As many schools across our region are turning to distance learning to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus, districts are concerned about how to enforce attendance for remote students.

People clinging on a large metal sculpture of a gramophone. The sculpture is sitting on the white dust of the playa with a bright blue sky overhead.
Paul Boger

If this was a normal year, right now, thousands of people would be flocking to the middle of the northern Nevada desert to watch “The Man” burn. But it’s not a normal year, and this year’s Burning Man counterculture outdoor festival has been canceled along with many, many live events across the region. That’s taking its toll on the arts, the community and the economy. 

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

7:54 p.m. | August 18, 2020

Nevada Reports 25 New COVID-19 Deaths
By KUNR Staff

In Nevada, health officials reported 25 additional deaths Tuesday related to COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths above 1,100. More than 670 new positive cases were also noted, bringing the total number of cases above 62,000.

Teresa Benitez-Thompson and Robin Titus are standing in an auditorium. They are looking at printed documents together.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

The 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature is over. Lawmakers adjourned sine die early Thursday morning after spending a week passing several resolutions and pieces of legislation meant to address a litany of policy issues. Noah Glick spoke with KUNR’s Paul Boger and Lucia Starbuck, who were in Carson City and covered the session in its entirety.

From left, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, Senate Democrats executive director Cheryl Bruce, and Senators Chris Brooks and Yvanna Cancela walk toward the Governor’s office during the sixth day of the 32nd Special Session of the Legislature.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

A contentious bill meant to provide businesses and some government agencies immunity from COVID-19-related death and injury suits is now on it’s way to Governor Steve Sisolak.


The 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature adjourned sine die early Thursday, August 6, after lawmakers spent a week passing several resolutions and pieces of legislation addressing policy issues.

An illustration of an ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.
Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

6:38 p.m. | August 4, 2020

Nevada National Guard Extended
By Noah Glick

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak announced Tuesday that hundreds of Nevada National Guardsmen will remain on duty through the rest of the year to help deal with the effects of COVID-19.

The exterior of the Nevada State Legislature building, surrounded by leafy green and orange trees.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Lawmakers have spent the three days in Carson City debating a host of issues as part of the 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature. KUNR News Director Michelle Billman spoke with Senior Reporter Paul Boger to help break it all down.

An auditorium with lawmakers sitting at desks and chairs, facing toward the front of the room. A projector is set up toward the corner of the room.
David Calvert / The Nevada Independent

Voters in Nevada will likely have the option of, once again, voting by mail in this upcoming general election. That’s after lawmakers approved a measure requiring election officials to send a ballot to all active voters during times of emergency.


For updates on the 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature, visit our live blog.

Governor Steve Sisolak has called for the 32nd Special Session of the Nevada Legislature to begin on Friday, July 31 at 9 a.m.   

Un gran paraguas que protege la casa de la lluvia.
La Autoridad de Vivienda de Nevada vía la Oficina del Tesorero del Estado de Nevada

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A partir de este lunes, los nevadenses que se encuentren atrasados en el pago de su alquiler mensual pueden solicitar asistencia a través de un nuevo programa estatal. Paul Boger de KUNR habló con el tesorero del estado Zach Conine sobre el programa y cómo este podría ayudar a cientos de miles de personas que se han demorado en el pago de su renta. 

Two rows of long, curved tables with people in professional attire, wearing masks, sitting in front of them. The point of view is from above and to the side.
David Calvert / Nevada Independent

Lawmakers in Nevada ended their special session to address the state's massive budget shortfall over the weekend, passing just five bills in 12 days. To help us break down that legislation, and what it means for the state, we turn now to KUNR's Paul Boger and Lucia Starbuck, who covered the session in its entirety.

A graphic from the Nevada Housing Division showing an umbrella protecting a house from a storm. The graphic reads "If you're struggling to pay rent due to COVID-19, there is help."
The Nevada Housing Authority via The Nevada State Treasurer's Office

Starting Monday, Nevadans who find themselves late on their rent payments can apply for assistance through a newly created state-run rent relief program. KUNR’s Paul Boger spoke with State Treasurer Zach Conine about the program and how it may help hundreds of thousands of people who may have fallen behind on their rent.