Tesla picks Nevada for gigafactory

Sep 3, 2014

No official world has come from Governor Brian Sandoval’s office about Tesla’s 5 billion dollar gigafactory, but all signs indicate the state and the electric carmaker may have finally reached a deal. That’s based on several reports and Sandoval’s plan to deliver a big announcement Thursday afternoon.


Credit Tesla Motors


Cable news channel CNBC broke the story when it reported that sources in the Governor’s Office had confirmed that Nevada was selected from a group of western states like Texas and California; that was then followed by an advisory that Sandoval is holding a press conference to deliver a major announcement on economic development. Other outlets are also reporting that Sandoval has spoken with state lawmakers about holding a special legislative session--possibly as soon as next week--in order to approve an incentives and abatements package.

Earlier this summer, Tesla broke ground on a site near Reno for the gigafactory. Initially, CEO Elon Musk said they’d break ground in several states before selecting a winner, but that may now be moot.