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Holidays: Relationships With Dr. Jankovich

Woman in Christmas themed hat taking a selfie
Patrick Marioné
Flickr/ Creative Commons 2.0

The Holidays can be a difficult time because of the expectations that all should be good in your life.

In real life there are disappointments, tragedies, challenges: children struggle with substance use, loved ones die, relationships end, families break up; there’s illness, loneliness, worries about finances and the future. Rather than thinking about what’s gone wrong and what you’re missing, think about what’s gone right, and how well you’re doing coping with challenges. No one gets a perfect life; no one is protected from tragedy and problems.  It may look like others are doing better, but just wait…life’s problems eventually touch all of us. Shift your focus to helping others during the holidays. If you’re alone, do something to entertain yourself; do whatever gives you pleasure and takes your mind off your troubles. While life is hard, there are also the satisfactions of small joys in life, hot showers, snow on the mountains, children thriving, your favorite radio news. Create your own version of a good life by focusing on what works and helping someone else.

Dr. Jankovich has been working as a psychologist since 1974. She works with a range of areas, including relationships, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, grief, trauma, and struggles with life transitions.

The photo included in this story is licensed under Flickr Creative Commons.

Dr. Jankovich is a former commentator for “Relationships with Dr. Rebecca Jankovich” and has been working as a psychologist since 1974.
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