A football player playing defense on the field.
Photo Courtesy of Lawson Hall

The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly stopped spring sports earlier this year, and now, the Mountain West has announced it is postponing all fall sports. It's unclear if and when they will resume. KUNR’s Stephanie Serrano spoke to Lawson Hall, an inside linebacker for the Wolf Pack, whose senior season is on the line.

Illustrated by Stephanie Serrano

Nationwide, close to 21 million people are living with diabetes. Ninety percent of them are living with type 2 diabetes but just 10 percent are diagnosed with type 1, which can be debilitating. Trey Porter is a type 1 diabetic as well as a division one collegiate athlete serving as a starter for the University of Nevada, Reno men’s basketball team, which has gained national attention.

Nevada casinos have now reported three consecutive months when total win exceeded a billion dollars. Our contributor Kaleb Roedel of the Northern Nevada Business Weekly breaks down the numbers.

UNR Athletes Exceed NCAA Academic Expectations

May 28, 2015
Esther Ciammachilli

Student-athletes in nearly every sport at the University of Nevada, Reno improved their academic progress scores from last year. 

This week, the NCAA released the Academic Progress Report, or APR. It tracks eligibility and retention of student-athletes at Division I colleges and universities.

All 16 of Nevada's sports programs met or exceeded the 930 point benchmark set by the NCAA. Ten of those programs scored a perfect 1,000 for the 2013-14 school year, including women's basketball, softball and men's tennis. UNR Athletic Director Doug Knuth.

AD Doug Knuth on recruiting of underage athletes

Mar 20, 2015

NBA superstar LeBron James recently made a public statement asking colleges and universities to stop trying to recruit his 10-year-old son. He says his son, LeBron Jr., has been receiving phone calls and even scholarship offers. University of Nevada, Reno Athletic Director Doug Knuth sat down with Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli to answer some questions regarding the NCAA's policy  on recruitment.

Last week, the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) shutdown its football program due to funding issues. This has sparked concern amongst smaller Division I schools operating on modest budgets, including one in the Mountain West Conference. Doug Knuth, director of athletics at UNR, talks about the closing down of the football program at UAB and what this means for the future of Division I schools dealing with budget constraints.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) holds all Division I schools accountable for the academic progress of their student-athletes through the Academic Progress Rate (APR), a team-based metric that accounts for the eligibility and retention of each student-athlete per term.  Every semester, each athlete receives one point for remaining eligible to play, and one point for returning to school, for a total of two points per athlete, per team.  The APR has been in place for ten years now and since its launch, the NCAA is reporting more than 13,000 student-athletes have returned to

University of Nevada, Reno

In this segment from Beyond the Headlines, Reno Public Radio's Esther Ciammachilli talks with Doug Knuth, Director of Athletics at the University of Nevada, Reno, about the Nevada Wolf Pack football team, amateurism in college sports and the future of the NCAA.   

New rules in NCAA will shift power to five richest conferences

Sep 12, 2014

The National Collegiate Athletics Association, or NCAA, recently voted in favor of granting more autonomy to the five richest Division 1 conferences, a change that could negatively affect the other six conferences operating on smaller budgets, including the Mountain West.