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A tray of green, moss-like balls. Identified as marijuana after being picked from the plant.
Michelle Matus

Just over a year ago, Nevada legalized recreational cannabis. While the industry is booming, many rural communities are slow to adopt it and many questions related to banking and employment policies remain. To help break this all down, our News Director Michelle Billman spoke with contributor Kaleb Roedel. Kaleb has been covering this topic at length for the Northern Nevada Business View.

374 Labs

As the marijuana industry is expanding in Nevada, cannabis testing labs are playing an important role in the quality of the end-product. Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports a local facility is upping the standard of its operations.

Nevada could be next in line to legalize pot

Nov 13, 2014

An initiative to allow recreational marijuana in Nevada has gained enough signatures to go on the ballot next election. 


It was a good election year for supporters of legalizing pot. Voters in two states and Washington D.C. passed laws allowing recreational use of the drug. While it wasn't on the ballot in Nevada, plenty of people plan to vote for it here come 2016.  

"We turned in just over 200,000 signatures."