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Lawmakers Question The Economics Of Stadium Deal

Alexa Ard

Lawmakers are in Carson City right now as part of a special session. It's to determine whether or not hotel taxes along the Las Vegas Strip should be increased to raise money for a football stadium in Southern Nevada, as well as to expand the Las Vegas Convention Center. With more, here's Casey Morell from our sister station KNPR in Las Vegas.
The tax increase would break down like this: half a percentage point would go the new convention center expansion and .88 percent would go to the football stadium.

But not every lawmaker is on board with this just yet.

State Sen. Patricia Farley, a Republican from Las Vegas, questioned Nevada's economic development analysts during today's session.

She said she wanted to know why they were so confident in their projections the stadium would be a success when other economists have not been so sure.

We asked her what it would take for her to vote in favor of the proposal.

"I think I need to hear a really good, solid economic development plan, which includes diversifying the economy and providing good, solid jobs & an opportunity for Nevada to grow as a state."

No word yet on when a vote will be called or when the session will end, but lawmakers will take a break tomorrow for Yom Kippur.