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Some Crowded Washoe Schools On Path To Double Sessions

Alexa Ard

The Washoe County School District Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to send some schools on the path to double sessions. That means an affected school would have to split its student body into two groups, with one group attending classes from 5:55 am to 11:55 am and the other group going in from noon until six pm.

Schools projected to be at or above one hundred and twenty percent of their capacity for the next three years will be automatically converted to the double session schedule.

"It's sort of an alienating experience for a kid," says Dylan Shaver, a member of the Public Schools Overcrowding and Repair Needs Committee. "You know, it's like you've spent all your time in elementary school and middle school making all of these friends and, 'Well, sorry you're not going to see them anymore. Go make new ones.'"

Shaver experienced double sessions as a kid in Clark County and has been trying to help Washoe avoid going that route, but the change looks to be inevitable. The Board of Trustees will calculate enrollment projections and announce which schools meet the double session-threshold in August. 


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