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Nevada Gets High Ranking For LEED Projects

Mack Male, Flickr, (CC by SA-2.0)

Nevada is ranked one of the top states in the country for LEED-certified green buildings - a program that encourages environmentally friendly building practices. Our contributor Luiza Vieira has more.

Nevada ranked sixth in the nation for LEED-certified buildings in 2015 — that's according to the U.S Green Building Council's annual review.

To get this certification, projects must factor in things such as location, water and energy efficiency, materials and resources used.

John Walsh is a director of capital improvement at University of Nevada, Reno. He says green buildings play an important role in reducing carbon footprints.

“Typically they are more energy efficiently, they take less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in, less fuels, less electrical power, those type of things.”

Reno has more than 15 LEED green buildings such as the Regional Transportation Commission’s station on Fourth Street and several projects at UNR. Walsh says one of the most beneficial aspects of LEED buildings is the money it saves through recycling.

"Being able to recycle material and not have to create new materials from natural resources is an economical and social improvement over a non-LEED green building."

Walsh says they plan to get one of the higher LEED certification grades for the newest residence hall under design.

Luiza Vieira is a former contributor at KUNR Public Radio.
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