AP: Hillary Beats Out Bernie In Nevada

Feb 20, 2016

Nancy Teutle, 21, is a UNR student from Las Vegas who caucused for Hillary Clinton Saturday.
Credit Julia Ritchey

The Associated Press is reporting that Hillary Clinton will beat out Bernie Sanders in Nevada for her second win toward the Democratic presidential nomination. 

In Carson City, 70-year-old Kathy King caucused for the first time and told us that Clinton's experience and her commitment to women's issues are what sold her on the candidate. "Hillary Clinton has been a senator, she has been secretary of state, which is third of fourth down the chain from the president, and I just truly feel that she is the only, really qualified person to take on this world and this society at this time," King says.  

Jeff and Jeannine Council both caucused in Carson City Saturday for Bernie Sanders.
Credit Michelle Billman

King waited in line with several hundred other Democrats to caucus at Carson High School Saturday. Jeff Council was also in that line and says he's rooting for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination:

"I believe the oligarchy our country has become with the 1 percent ruling and controlling everything, I think Bernie is best suited to tear that apart, dismantle it, and make us more equal as we should be."

 Both Council and his wife, Jeannine, say they came out in support of Sanders because he's proven his viability as a candidate with a win in New Hampshire and a very close second in Iowa.