A Dozen Delegates Up For Grabs At Nevada Democratic Convention

May 13, 2016

Credit Georgia Democrats / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nevada Democrats are meeting Saturday for their state convention in Las Vegas. The party's main task is electing presidential delegates. Reno Public Radio's Michelle Billman reports.

Nevada Democrats will send 43 delegates to the national convention in July. During the February caucuses, Hillary Clinton nabbed 13 of them while Bernie Sanders claimed ten. There are also super delegates who are appointed. Right now, more are supporting Clinton. 

Megan Messerly, a political reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, says that for tomorrow, a dozen final delegates are up for grabs.

“There are these what are known at-large delegates, there are seven of those, and then five of these so-called party leader and elected official delegates, and so it’s the delegates at the state convention that get to select those, so those percentages aren’t set in stone.”

At the event, Messerly does expect some party divisions and frustrations over this confusing process.

“I’m sure there will be some tension and some chaos. When I was there at the Clark County convention last month, there was a lot of yelling in the crowd.”

Nationally, Sanders trails significantly behind Clinton for both delegates and super delegates.