Going To The Party Convention, But Not For The Presumptive Nominee

Jul 5, 2016

Paul Catha, 22, is a first-time national delegate. He's going to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention on July 25 as a Nevada delegate for Bernie Sanders.
Credit Julia Ritchey

In just a few weeks, Nevada delegates will journey east for the Republican and Democratic national conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia. But not all will be representing their party's presumptive nominee. 

Paul Catha has been pulling for Bernie Sanders for more than a year, and that won't change come July 25 when he arrives in Philadelphia as a national delegate. 

"What I say is I’ve been a Bernie Sanders supporter for years,” he says. “I was supporter when he was in the Senate; I really wanted him to run. And I will support Bernie Sanders as long as Bernie Sanders wants my support. That's that. If he's going to the convention, I'm going to the convention."

The 22-year-old serves as vice president of the Young Democrats of Nevada, as well as a party field organizer. He's one of 16 delegates from the state committed to Sanders, out of 43 total.

"It's about making a progressive platform, right? It's about making sure that this movement that we've created, and that so many people have been a part of, continues to be an active part of the Democratic party."

He says that includes Sanders' top issues of income inequality and campaign finance reform.

That said, Catha does plan on voting for Clinton, the presumptive nominee, in the general election, something he knows not all of Sanders' supporters may end up doing.

Sanders has also said he’ll vote for Clinton, but has stopped short of a full endorsement.