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Knowing Your Child Is Anxious: Relationships With Dr. Jankovich

Nov 13, 2020

It’s hard to know when your child’s behavior is out of the ordinary. 

If your child is older than 6, these behaviors are not only difficult, but suggest an anxiety problem: unable to go to sleep in 20 minutes more than a few times a month; unable to stop thinking about a situation over and over again, similar to holding grudges, insisting on justice; hyper focused on being perfect; unable to tolerate getting a grade lower than an A; unable to stop once engaged in homework; staying up too late working on homework; throwing temper tantrums when thwarted from doing what they want to do; requiring strict adherence to behavioral rituals in order to feel calm, like having bathroom products lined up; worrying about future problems that haven’t happened yet, like “what if this…”. These behaviors in a child, or an adult, suggest there’s something off with their coping skills. A specialist may be able to teach your child skills to better cope with their worries. 

Dr. Jankovich has been working as a psychologist since 1974. She works with a range of areas, including relationships, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, grief, trauma, and struggles with life transitions.

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