More Medical Clerkships, Residencies In Works For Reno

Apr 21, 2016

Credit Alexa Ard

Medical students in Reno will soon be able to get more hands-on experience in Northern Nevada. Our News Director Michelle Billman reports why.

By summer of 2017, the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Reno will have more local offerings for what are called clerkships, which students do in their third year, rotating through half a dozen specialties to figure out what they like best. In the past, students have had to leave the area for these opportunities.

"Several of the students would go down to Vegas for their third-year rotations. Basically, we're bringing them all back," says Dr. Cathy Goring, who chairs the school's internal medicine department. "We're increasing the sizes of the ones we've maintained. We are adding back surgery to occur up here. We're starting up an OBGYN clerkship, which we haven't had up here before."

Goring says neurology will also soon be a core rotation. The move for creating more clerkships around Reno comes as UNLV is branching off with its own medical school down south. Along with clerkships, the med school in Reno will create more residencies in the coming years.