More Out-Of-State Students Joining The Pack

Nov 4, 2015

Credit Alexa Ard

This fall, the University of Nevada, Reno saw a 17 percent increase in out-of-state enrollment. Steve Maples is the Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the school. He spoke with our public radio partner KNPR in Las Vegas, saying he hopes this trend continues.

“The first thing we want to grow is talented students," says Maples. "We want to grow in diversity of students, and we want to grow in geography.”

Besides attracting out-of-state students, Maples also wants to keep them here, something he says is getting easier.

“They come and the fall in love with this place, and their first priority when they graduate is to find a job here.”

Fortunately for these students, Maples says, the economy is turning around. Plus, with Tesla and other major players moving to the area, graduates have even more opportunities to stay in state.

NOTE: This story was produced with information from a recent interview produced by our public media partner KNPR in Las Vegas.