Relationships with Dr. Jankovich: Immediate Response

Jun 25, 2020

With the instant access of cell phones, parents, especially mothers are complaining that when they contact their children, it can take hours or even an entire day, for their child to get back to them. 

Moms are feeling hurt and disrespected for this delay; especially, when they see their child is posting on social media rather that contacting them.  The hurt feelings soon morph into concern for the child’s safety which ratchets up their annoyance.  This expectation is not just for kids at college, but extends to adult children, regardless of their other obligations to work, children and partners.  It’s such a difficult task to let your child grow independent of their deep bond with you; as they go through the normal separation process from their parents to become adults, your experience is one of loss of connection.  See if you can get your child to negotiate a window of time in which they’ll respond, so you can stop worrying…and try to be happy that they’ve developed their own lives.  It’s hard.