Utilities Accident Causes Explosion At UNR

Jul 5, 2019

7:05 pm update on Friday:

UNR is providing media advisories and other information related to Friday's explosion here.  University officials are asking that students living or working in Argenta Hall call 775-784-1113 or email housing@unr.edu to confirm their safety.

4:20 pm update on Friday: 

At a press conference this afternoon, officials confirmed that there have been eight injuries related to today's explosion at Argenta Hall at UNR. Six people were treated on scene and two were transported to the hospital. KUNR's Paul Boger told us that the evacuation has been completed but first responders are continuing to search the building.

A Reno Fire Department spokesperson said that Argenta has sustained "major" damage and Nye Hall also saw some damage. The department received a call for an activated fire alarm at 1 pm Friday. There was a small explosion in the basement of Argenta and then a larger explosion damaged a large portion of the center of the building while a fire crew was already there. Resources from across the region are helping the Reno Fire Department and will be on scene for several more hours. 

Fire officials are working with a building engineer to assess the safety of the building at this time and they are concerned about the intergrity of the building.

3:00 pm update on Friday:

UNR classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the day (Friday). University officials say three people have minor injuries.

2:20 pm update on Friday:

UNR Police Services is reporting a utilities accident has caused an explosion at the University of Nevada, Reno main campus. The explosion happened at Argenta Hall, a residential hall on the southwestern side of campus.

KUNR's Senior Reporter Paul Boger is on scene. He spoke with UNR officials who are reporting that there have been three minor injuries.

Officials are advising everyone to avoid Argenta Hall. The area between 9th Street and College Drive is closed. 

Multiple people ran out of the dorm building when evacautions were taking place, some in just their underwear.

Windows are blown out on multiple floors of Argenta Hall, and there is damage sustained Nye Hall, another residential building.

First responders are on scene.