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Monster Fish Taking Over Discovery Museum


The Nevada Discovery Museum is being transformed into an interactive underwater world featuring dozens of the globe’s largest freshwater fish. Reno Public Radio's Noah Glick has the details.

Along with teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno, Zeb Hogan also hosts a television show for National Geographic called Monster Fish. This weekend, he’s bringing his exhibitof the same name to downtown Reno. And, as he told our local media partner, This is Reno:

“The largest fish we’re going to have here at the museum is 20 feet long.”

In addition to giant, life-size sculptures, Hogan is bringing interactive games, photos and videos.

“These fish are amazing, and I remember the first time I realized that one of these big fish, that they exist, and it just changed the way that I viewed the world," Hogan says, "so I hope that’s what people take away from this exhibit.”

Hogan also sees the exhibit as a way to get young people excited about science, something he saw during its opening run in Washington D.C.
“It was awesome to see all the students learning from the exhibit," he remembers, "seeing one of these big fish for the first time. You kind of see the light bulb go on."
The exhibit is produced by National Geographic and UNR and will run through April.


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