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New Novel Explores Free Speech On College Campuses

Reno author Bourne Morris has a new novel coming out that examines the complex issue of allowing all free speech on college campuses, even if that speech could offend community members or potentially incite violence. 

Her previous books have explored other university issues, like binge-drinking, plagiarism and college policies on sexual assault.

Looking forward, Morris sees many other issues plaguing colleges across the country, including financial strains that are causing schools to hire more non-tenured faculty, ultimately creating tension with existing professors.

"Another issue is the cost of college and the inability of people to attend college in order to function in the information age," Bourne explains.

To learn more about her work exploring these types of complex campus issues through a fictional lens, our contributors Alan Deutschman and Christina Barr spoke to Bourne for their occasional series The Creative Edge.

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