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Interview: The Threats Facing Monster Fish

Scientists say climate change and increasing demands on the world's rivers are harming enormous freshwater fish that can weigh more than 200 pounds. As Reno Public Radio’s Steve Shadley reports, one museum is helping the public understand the challenges ahead for so-called Monster Fish.

The Discovery Museum in downtown Reno is full of children excited to see replicas of giant fish from India and other parts of Asia. Our tour guide is Zeb Hogan. He's a University of Nevada, Reno biologist and host of Monster Fish, a TV series produced by National Geographic.

“Right next to us is a 12-foot long replica of a Goonch Catfish, a sculpture of a Goonch Catfish, which is found in India,” Hogan said. “And for people who have never seen a Goonch Catfish—it’s a pretty crazy looking fish.”

It has sharp teeth and a large mouth that looks like it could swallow a person whole. The Goonch also has cat-like whiskers, a flat head and beady eyes. It's one of 20 species on display.

Listen to the full interview as UNR fish biologist Zeb Hogan describes the Monster Fish exhibit at Reno’s Discovery Museum. They're also adding aquariums to the exhibit featuring live fish from Nevada.  

Steve Shadley is a former program director & afternoon host at KUNR Public Radio.
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