David Isaacson

Business Operations Assistant

David began his stint at KUNR in July 2018.

Before coming to KUNR, he spent the previous 30 years in the book business. After managing, and owning, bookstores for nearly a decade he switched teams and spent the next 20 years in publishing. His career path has lead him from producing and selling books to “doing the books” as an accountant in the business office.

KUNR 2020 voter guide. Illustration of a ballot being placed into a box. A pencil and a roll of stickers are in front of the box.
Crystal Willis / KUNR

The 2020 elections are a critical opportunity for voters across Northern Nevada to cast their ballots in support of the leadership they want to see at the local, state, and national levels on many issues, including public health, criminal justice reform and affordable housing.

KUNR’s local voter guide is meant to introduce you to candidates for several local races that impact your community, so you can make empowered decisions. We commend your efforts to be informed and participate in the democratic process.