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Howie Movshovitz

Howie Movshovitz came to Colorado in 1966 as a VISTA Volunteer and never wanted to leave. After three years in VISTA, he went to graduate school at CU-Boulder and got a PhD in English, focusing on the literature of the Middle Ages. 

In the middle of that process, though (and he still loves that literature) he got sidetracked into movies, made three shorts, started writing film criticism and wound up teaching film at the University of Colorado-Denver. He continues to teach in UCD’s College of Arts & Media.

He has been reviewing films on public radio since 1976 (first review: Robert Altman’s Buffalo Bill and the Indians). Along the way he spent nine years as the film critic of The Denver Post, and has been contributing features on film subjects to NPR since 1987.

  • Joshua Oppenheimer's sequel to the award-winning documentary The Act of Killing follows an optician seeking to confront the men who killed his brother during the Indonesian genocide.
  • The new film from British director Mike Leigh, Mr. Turner, takes up an historical figure: iconic British painter JMW Turner. But it also incorporates another theme of Leigh's: the human story of the working person. Painting was Turner's job and he was as down to earth as a factory worker.
  • The latest movie from the Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, L'Enfant, is heading to U.S. shores. It won the top prize at last year's Cannes Film Festival. Like the brothers' previous work, it was shot in their hometown, a former industrial powerhouse that has fallen on hard times.
  • Merian Cooper and Ernest Schoedsack were anthropologists who followed ancient cultures with their cameras. Their dramatic experiences as documentary filmmakers informed their mythical, fictional masterpiece about a lost world and its secret creature, King Kong.