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Lauren Bain

Web and Social Media Student Worker

Lauren Bain is a senior at the University of Nevada, Reno finishing up a dual-major in journalism and French. At the Reynolds School of Journalism, she directed a documentary about Reno’s old Chinatown, shared stories about local refugees, and produced a multimedia story about a doggy slumber party with Next Generation Radio. As the student president of the Online News Association-Reno, she organizes events to learn about new trends and tools in the evolving digital media space. A local Reno native, Lauren has always had a passion for community based journalism to share and inspire human stories.

Outside of work and school, Lauren enjoys hiking or skiing in the great Sierra Nevada or spending time with family and friends.

Picture Collage of Mid-Century Motels
Courtesy UNR Special Collections, Jerry Stefani, and Mike Roberts

Reno is home to a collection of quirky, mid-century motels. Some have fallen into disrepair, some serve as low-income housing and some are being torn down for new developments. But if you were to drive through Reno during the middle of the 20th century, you would have seen a booming motel landscape, when motels were icons of the vibrant tourism industry.

Sheila and Peter Laufer

As part of the "Sparked: Northern Nevada's Neon" series we are taking you on a visual road trip across rural Nevada to explore some of the states iconic neon signs. Images for this storymap were provided by Sheila and Peter Laufer, authors of Neon Nevada