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Nevada's New Voter ID Law

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At the polls this election season, voters will have one more requirement to prove their identity. Our contributor Luiza Vieira has more on the state's new voter ID law which recently went into effect.

When voting, if your signature does not match the one on file, you will have to respond to a list of questions to confirm your personal data. Erik Jimenez, is a spokesman for the Washoe County Republican Party.

“I believe any process that guarantees our elections are free and fair is something to be applauded.” says Jimenez. “I’m a Latino myself, and I understand that in different parts of the country these sorts of laws are being used to restrict the amount of people that go into vote, but I don’t think this bill does that at all.”

“These voter identity laws are adding an additional ‘cost’ to the voter, and anytime you add an additional ‘cost’ you are going to suppress voter turnout.” says Precious Hall, a political science professor at Truckee Meadows Community College. “Typically the people that we see most affected or adversely affected by voter identity laws are individuals who are of color and who are poor.”

Hall says the new law will limit accessibility.

Luiza Vieira is a former contributor at KUNR Public Radio.
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