Fact-checking Political Ads For Reno's Ward 1

Oct 29, 2016

Local lawyer Victor Salcido is running for the Reno City Council Ward 1 seat. Lately, he's been putting out a lot of negatives ads about his opponent, incumbent Jenny Brekhus. But after doing some fact-checking, Anjeanette Damon with the Reno Gazette-Journal has found that some of Salcido's ads are not entirely accurate. To learn more, our News Director Michelle Billman spoke with Damon. 

Credit Alexa Ard

"While the ads are effective and cute, sometimes they really stretch the truth," Damon says, "and it was based on stories I had covered in the past year, so I was very familiar with it and I started to recognize that the amount that he was stretching the truth really left voters with the wrong impression."

Anjeanette Damon is the government watchdog reporter for the RGJ and has been covering Reno City Council for a few years now.