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Nevada Remains Apprehensive About Pot-Related Businesses

Jul 31, 2018

Just over a year ago, Nevada legalized recreational cannabis. While the industry is booming, many rural communities are slow to adopt it and many questions related to banking and employment policies remain. To help break this all down, our News Director Michelle Billman spoke with contributor Kaleb Roedel. Kaleb has been covering this topic at length for the Northern Nevada Business View.

Nevada is now approaching the $500 million mark for the fiscal year. Despite soaring sales tax revenue within the state, marijuana remains federally illegal, which means few banks will work with pot-related businesses.


“These establishments are operating in stacks of cash, right? Well, they have to store and transport that money on a daily basis. It puts those working in cannabis, whether you’re a grower or retailer, as potential targets for robberies.”


In our interview with Kaleb, we explore the issue of banking along with the murkiness surrounding marijuana use and how it relates to workplace policies across the state.


You can read more of Kaleb’s extensive reporting for the Northern Nevada Business View on the one-year anniversary of recreational cannabis in Nevada.