Reno Youth Radio: The Profound Impact Of Motherhood

May 14, 2019

For many people, becoming a parent changes everything, from your schedule to your sleep to your outlook on life. Reno Youth Radio reporter Kylee Warden is one of three kids in her family. In this intimate conversation, she spoke to her mom Heather about the profound impact of motherhood. 

Was there ever a moment in life that just completely changed the way you looked at the world?

Over my life, there have been several moments, but sitting here with you now, one springs to my mind. [It] was just after your brother was born and I was laying in bed, just, you know, thinking about life and what not, and I realized that if there was a fire I would have to walk through flames to get my baby. It changed the way I looked at the world because it’s not only something that I would have to do but would be something that I would be willing to do.

Was that daunting or scary? Did you feel regret?

It was very scary. I would say that. [It was] also empowering because it made me realize that I would be willing to do things that I would have never been willing to do in the past.

What was the day like, the day I was born?

The day that you were born was a magical day. I would say our connection started right when I first saw you.

Has motherhood changed you at all?

Motherhood is really hard to describe until you are a mother because before I became one, I knew logically that it would change my life, but I didn’t know it within myself until it actually happened.

Has it changed you as a person at all, being a mother?

I would say that becoming a mother has made me a better person, more aware of how my actions influence the rest of the world, even down to what I eat because there is someone watching me and learning from that.

What frustrated you the most when I was growing up?

As a toddler, you were very headstrong. You thought you were right about things 100% of the time. That hasn’t changed so much as that you’re right about more things nowadays. So, we did butt heads a lot. I found that once you calmed down, you were really mature for your age and we were able to talk about it.

I really like that you recognize that growing up is difficult and you really empathize with us. You let us be our own people because you understand that we need to grow on our own.

I really appreciate you saying that. That, actually, is exactly what I am going for.

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