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UNSOM Health Watch: Patient Advocates

May 7, 2016

Have you chosen who would help make decisions for your care in a situation where you're unable? 

When it comes to rights, informed consent and privacy, the patient and those closest to them are more likely to know what values and wishes are most important when someone enters the health care system for care.  

Dr. Brian Callister visited KUNR to discuss patient advocacy.
Credit Anne McMillin, APR

Dr. Brian Callister gave insight into patient advocacy for this edition of Health Watch: "On a personal level, making sure that any individual's wishes with what they really want, or don't want, based on their own value system, is conveyed to the healthcare providers and the healthcare team. Often, unfortunately there's a disconnect and being a patient advocate whether for yourself, or for someone else, often bridges that gap." 

Leading the discussion is Anne McMillin of the School of Medicine at UNR.