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KUNR’s Youth Media program is a special partnership with the Washoe County School District and Report for America to train the next generation of journalists and to elevate the voices of teenagers in our region.

Students work with media professionals to produce creative audio stories that matter to them. To learn more about how the program works, check out this article for the Radio Television Digital News Association. 

This program was formerly called Reno Youth Radio.

A photo outdoors of three protesters holding signs. Two signs that are legible say, “Racism is a virus,” and “When I have a bad day, I go to bed early.” The composition is framed by two out-of-focus figures on each side of the image.
Isaac Hoops / KUNR Public Radio

The pandemic exacerbated violence and discrimination against people of Asian descent. The group Stop AAPI Hate reported there were more than 6,600 hate incidents across the U.S. from mid-March of 2020 through the end of March this year. That number is likely higher due to underreporting, and this alarming trend has taken a toll on high school students.

In this commentary, KUNR Youth Media reporter Nick Stewart shares his concerns as a white ally to the Asian community and the concrete steps he takes to be supportive.

A close up of a person’s hand, who’s wearing a black tuxedo, putting on a corsage with a white flower and purple ribbon on the wrist of a person wearing a purple dress.
Varin Tsai / Flickr Creative Commons

School-sanctioned proms were canceled across the Washoe County School District this year due to the pandemic and many students were disappointed. As the school year draws to a close, KUNR Youth Media reporter May Wells spoke to some of her fellow classmates about this issue.

Wesley Kaopio from a birdseye perspective. He is sitting on a couch while holding a handheld video game console and is looking at the screen.
Courtesy of Terri Meister

The past year has seemed monotonous for some with lots of time spent at home due to the pandemic, and that’s been the case for KUNR Youth Media reporter Wesley Kaopio. In this audio diary, he shares how a treasure found at a garage sale helped break up his daily routine.

The Trials Of Constantly Moving As A Child

May 31, 2021
Chris Stewart, Mindy Stewart, Nick Stewart and Terri Kerlin pose together on a pier for a photo in front of a white lifebuoy that says Argosy Harbor Cruise Seattle 2018. There is a large boat behind them.
Courtesy of Nick Stewart

Reno resident Mindy Stewart had to move to many different states throughout her childhood. In this intimate conversation, she talks with her son, KUNR Youth Media reporter Nick Stewart, about the trials she faced growing up and what moving to Reno — where she’s lived for 25 years — meant to her.

A wooden sign post with a sign that says, “Heinz Ranch Reclamation Program.” Behind the sign are weeds, hills and a pile of tires.
Wesley Kaopio / KUNR Youth Media

A huge development project in the Cold Springs area, north of Reno, just got one step closer to acquiring funding for infrastructure. KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck and KUNR Youth Media’s Wesley Kaopio explore what the developers are aiming to do and how some Cold Springs residents feel.

A person dressed in all black holds a piece of white cardboard that reads, “Police brutality is domestic terror.” Behind the person is a Reno Police Department SUV and police officers.
Ty O’Neil / This Is Reno

This week marks one year since the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police. In this commentary, KUNR Youth Media reporter May Wells shares her thoughts on some of the concrete actions needed to instill lasting change.

Wesley Kaopio is sitting outdoors. He is wearing a face mask and looking toward the camera.
Courtesy of Terri Meister

At the beginning of the month, Nevada handed COVID-19 mitigation measures to county jurisdictions, and as KUNR Youth Media reporter Wesley Kaopio argues, the restrictions are confusing. He shares his thoughts in this commentary.

Two tents on a sidewalk outside of a graffitied building with a sign that says, “The Hollywood Hemp Museum. History, Art, Culture.”
May Wells / KUNR Youth Media

A quarter of all individuals experiencing homelessness in the United States are living in New York City or Los Angeles, according to a 2020 report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

KUNR Youth Media reporter May Wells recently took a family trip to LA. She had expected to visit a city of opportunity and glamour but instead left disheartened after seeing the growing unsheltered community. She shares her feelings and frustrations in this commentary.

Looking Back: Moving Across The Country As Newlyweds

May 21, 2021
A scan of an old photo with Terri Meister sitting on a rocky ledge. Behind her is a reddish-purple, steep canyon with a flat top.
Courtesy of Sirguy Kaopio

KUNR Youth Media reporter Wesley Kaopio and his family have lived in Reno for about five years. Before Wesley was born, however, his parents uprooted their lives and moved from Chicago to San Francisco. In this conversation, Wesley interviews his mom, Terri Meister, about her decision to make a big move out West as a newlywed in the late ’90s.

The four faces of each KUNR Youth Media member.
Jayden Perez / KUNR

KUNR’s Youth Media program is training the next generation of journalists and elevating the voices and perspectives of high school students in our region. Student reporters produce interviews, audio diaries, commentaries, and news stories that air and publish on KUNR. Check out all of their work here, and get to know this semester’s student reporters below.

Nick Stewart is sitting indoors and in front of a laptop. He is looking toward the camera with one hand to the side of his face. There is a blue surgical mask set next to his laptop.
Nick Stewart / KUNR Youth Media

As of Monday, all Nevadans 16 and older are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. KUNR Youth Media reporter Nick Stewart shares this commentary about why he’s looking forward to getting the vaccine.

Isabella Wolf is wearing a mask and looking at the camera.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Testing for COVID-19 can be scary. Whether or not the test comes back positive, factors such as the wait and uncertainty can have significant impacts.

KUNR Youth Media reporter Isabella Wolf explains what the process and wait were like to receive a COVID-19 test.

Looking Back: Volunteering In France After World War II

Jan 19, 2021
An old photo of Michael Schop in his uniform is looking at the camera and smiling.
Courtesy of Hudson Heimerman / KUNR Youth Media

Hudson Heimerman is a member of the KUNR Youth Media program. For this interview, he sat down with his grandfather, Michael Schop, to learn more about his grandfather's volunteer work after World War II and what his decades-old adventures were like.

Tammy Soong is standing dressed in a high school graduation gown and smiling at the camera.
Avery Thunder / KUNR YOUTH MEDIA

Avery Thunder is a member of KUNR’s Youth Media program. In this interview, Avery talks to her mom, Tamara Soong, and asks her what it was like being raised in Carson City as a biracial child coming of age in a small town.

Avery Thunder and Janelle Olisea are posing for a selfie. Black bars that say "BYE 2019" are covering both of their eyes.
Avery Thunder / KUNR Youth Media

After a turbulent year, 2020 is coming to a close. Now, many are looking forward to 2021 with the new challenges and opportunities it might bring. Local high school junior Avery Thunder reflects on 2020 and comments on what the new year might look like in an audio diary for KUNR’s Youth Media program.

Semester Reflection: ‘It’s Been Pretty Chaotic’

Dec 18, 2020
Isabella Wolf is looking at her computer and typing.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Washoe County School District students are wrapping up the semester this week while secondary students are completing their finals virtually. The holiday break comes after several tenuous months when many students had to adjust to hybrid learning models and eventually return to full distance education due to the pandemic. Local high school senior Isabella Wolf reflects on how her semester went in an audio diary for KUNR’s Youth Media program.

Hudson Heimerman and his family are standing together and smiling at the camera.
Hudson Heimerman / KUNR Youth Media

With end-of-the-year celebrations approaching, many holiday plans have been altered or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this commentary, KUNR Youth Media reporter Hudson Heimerman explains why Hanukkah holds a place in his heart and how the pandemic is impacting this special time of the year.

A group of four people huddled together pose for a photo, consisting of two middle-age adults and two older children. There is a blurry dog at the bottom of the image.
Avery Thunder / KUNR Youth Media

Washoe County health officials are imploring residents to avoid celebrating Thanksgiving with people outside of their household, as the region sees a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. In this commentary, KUNR Youth Media reporter Avery Thunder paints a grim picture of why she and her family have decided to stay home this year. Frankly, she doesn’t want to lose her grandparents.

On Tuesday night, the Washoe County School Board is considering moving all students to full distance learning starting Dec. 7, which is about a week after Thanksgiving. In this commentary, KUNR Youth Media reporter Hudson Heimerman says that with cases increasing in Washoe County, he's nervous going to school in person these days.

A long table with food dishes on it, including green beans, bread loaves, deviled eggs, chopped potatoes and cranberry sauce.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Some families, like KUNR Youth Media reporter Isabella Wolf’s family, are making the difficult decision to stay home this Thanksgiving. In this audio diary, Wolf shares the family traditions that she’ll miss this year and what the holiday means to her.