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Matthew McConaughey's Gold is a film based in 1980’s Reno. But did Kenny Wells actually exist? Did he find the largest gold strike of the 20th century and is there such thing as a Prospector of the Year award? Reno Youth Radio’s Wyatt Daane explores these questions.


Kenny Wells ventured into Indonesia prospecting for gold and discovered the largest gold mine of the 20th Century. Does this movie have anything to do with Reno or even Nevada?


Nov 23, 2016

Robin looks at the new film written by Alvin McCraney.

"The Queen Of Katwe"

Oct 20, 2016

Robin looks at a sports film about a young girl from a Ugandan slum.

A look at the latest incarnation of "The Magnificent Seven".

"Suicide Squad"

Aug 11, 2016

A look at the the latest film based on a D. C. Comic.

Kill the Messenger

Nov 4, 2014

Should real life's messy elements kill a story worth telling?