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A long table with food dishes on it, including green beans, bread loaves, deviled eggs, chopped potatoes and cranberry sauce.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Some families, like KUNR Youth Media reporter Isabella Wolf’s family, are making the difficult decision to stay home this Thanksgiving. In this audio diary, Wolf shares the family traditions that she’ll miss this year and what the holiday means to her.

A young blonde girl sits on a white bench. She’s wearing a white shirt with the name, “Obama” drawn on it with a red, white, and blue circle below the name.
Avery Thunder / KUNR Youth Media

Even though she was too young to vote in this election, local high school student Avery Thunder shares this commentary for KUNR’s Youth Media program on how she feels about former Vice President Joe Biden being declared the winner. She also explores what she hopes his presidency will bring during the pandemic.

Audio Diary: Longing For A Brighter Fall

Nov 17, 2020
Hudson Heimerman is looking at the camera and smiling.
Hudson Heimerman / KUNR YOUTH MEDIA

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the Washoe County Health District is urging residents not to gather with people outside of their household. Hudson Heimerman is a student at Reno High School and a reporter for the KUNR Youth Media Program. In this audio postcard, he reflects on how this fall feels different and what he misses the most.

Reflecting On A Spooky Childhood Halloween Memory

Oct 30, 2020
Three glass pumpkins stacked on top of each other on a counter.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Halloween is just around the corner. In the spirit of the season, KUNR Youth Media Reporter, Isabella Wolf, interviewed her mother, Norma, about a spooky experience from her childhood.

A young woman with purple and pink curled hair sitting down outside and looking off screen. There are green leaves and grass behind her.
Avery Thunder / KUNR Youth Media

Washoe County Schools have had to switch to remote learning for all students for more than 10 days this semester due to poor air quality from fires in California. For many local high school students, including Avery Thunder, it's led to a sense of uncertainty. She shares her feelings in an audio diary for KUNR's Youth Media program.

A young woman crosses her arms on a windowsill looking out in the distance through the window.
Isabella Wolf / KUNR Youth Media

Washoe County Schools have been in session for about a month, but for 10 of those class days, schools have been closed and they switched to remote learning, due to poor air quality from fires blazing in California. Local high school student Isabella Wolf recorded an audio diary for KUNR's Youth Media program to share how she’s been feeling about the frequent closures.

A history textbook and a pencil posed in front of a laptop screen.
Janelle Olisea

Washoe County Schools are wrapping up classes this week, and that instruction has been done through remote learning since late March due to the pandemic. Janelle Olisea is a reporter for KUNR’s Youth Media program who missed seeing her teachers and friends this semester. She shares her experience in this audio diary.

Editor's note: this story includes language that some readers may find offensive.

Maya is a female teenager and is sitting in a grassy field. She's wearing her high school's graduation cap and gown and is holding her lacrosse stick close to her.
Maya Dampier

The local high school students in KUNR's Youth Media program are wrapping up the school year from home with classes ending this week. One of those students, Maya Dampier, recorded an audio diary to share her experience as a senior graduating from Reno High School.

Editor's note: this story includes language that some readers may find offensive.

Maya Dampier and Riley Dion posing for a picture in front of an ocean.
Maya Dampier

Riley Dion is living in Reno with her family, but she’s a freshman at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Like many colleges across the country, her campus closed after spring break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and she is finishing her first year of college remotely. She spoke with KUNR Youth Media reporter Maya Dampier, who is also her cousin, to reflect on how the spring semester has unfolded.

A female teenager sitting in front of a sign and a bicycle at a public park. The sign is a warning from the City of Reno and describes the park’s courts are closed.
Isabella LoConte

During the pandemic, high school students across the state and country are social distancing at home, away from their teachers and peers. Isabella LoConte is a junior at the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology in Reno and a part of KUNR's Youth Media program. She recently decided to take a bike ride to a few nearby parks as a way of getting out of the house and shared her journey in this audio diary.

A student holding a mobile recorder and wearing headphones
Janelle Olisea

The local high school students in KUNR's Youth Media program have been at home for several weeks now as all schools are closed and they are plugging away on their distance learning assignments. One of those students, Janelle Olisea, recorded an "audio diary" to share her experience being stuck in the house for so long. Here's her story.