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First Days In America: Run and Don’t Look Back!

Jul 1, 2017
Jacob Solis

When Manuel Mederos crossed the Mexican border into the US, he watched his sister being picked up by border patrol and spent the next day wondering if he would see her again. Mederos recently spoke to student reporter Jacob Solis for NPR’s Next Generation Radio Program about his first days in America. Let's take a listen.  

Manuel Mederos was 11 when it happened. He was told to run, and run fast. He was confused and afraid, but the smuggler, the coyote, was very clear: don’t look back.

First Days In America: Coming to America, Reluctantly

Jun 27, 2017
Ruben Kimmelman

As a case manager at the Northern Nevada International Center, Rawdhah Al Salihi uses the experiences of her own journey from Iraq to help newly-arrived refugees and immigrants. She recently spoke to student reporter Ruben Kimmelman for NPR’s Next Generation Radio Program about her first days in America, which included a trip to IHOP. 

Anh Gray

Home means Northern Nevada for several refugee families. They’ve recently moved to the region as part of the United State’s 2017 commitment to resettle 110 thousand people from the global refugee crisis. Often times, they have endured physical and mental trauma.

The KUNR news team recently reported on the physical and mental trauma one Syrian family endured while escaping their war-torn country. In part two of this story, Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray reports that while federal benefits like Medicaid can help refugees with basic health care, their more complex medical issues can be left untreated.

Town Hall Examines Refugee Resettlement In Reno

Sep 24, 2016
Tim Lenard

Reno is one of 47 sites nationwide now designated for refugee resettlement, so the Reno Gazette-Journal hosted a town hall to delve into that process. Our contributor Tim Lenard reports.


Retired Brigadier General Pamela Milligan sponsored the Kubuya family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She even hosted them for a week when their apartment wasn’t ready. 

Bob Conrad /

Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo are coming to Reno this week as part of a federal government resettlement program. Our contributor Bob Conrad of has the story.

The Northern Nevada International Center is welcoming two families from Congo, as part of a program that resettles refugees from around the world to the U.S.

The center’s Carina Black says Reno will get up to 75 new refugees in the coming year.

Julia Ritchey

Four refugee families will be resettling in the Reno-Sparks area this month under a new program between the U.S. State Department and a local nonprofit.

The Northern Nevada International Center is preparing to welcome the region's first group of refugees, two families from the Democratic Republic of Congo, on August 24.

The next family, from Syria, will come soon after. The goal of the center, as an official resettling agency, is to help at least 20 individuals displaced by violence and instability around the world by next month.

UNHCR, B. Sokol, Nov. 2012

The U.S. State Department has greenlighted a Northern Nevada nonprofit  to help resettle refugees escaping hotbeds of conflict around the globe beginning this fall.

Carina Black, executive director of the Reno-based Northern Nevada International Center, says their application to become an official resettlement agency was approved in February. They've since been laying the groundwork, and building a stakeholders' network, before those first few families arrive. 

A local nonprofit's expects to hear back by Christmas on its application to become an official agency for resettling refugees — despite the reservations of some state and local officials. Reno Public Radio's Julia Ritchey reports.

The Northern Nevada International Center regularly plays hosts to hundreds of visitors from all over the world through it's partnership with the U.S. State Department.

Now the center wants to become the third agency in the state to help resettle refugees from about eight different countries, including Cuba, Iraq and Syria.