tax incentives

Image of apartment complex behind chainlink fence and construction sign.
Paul Boger

Nearly a third of the households in the Truckee Meadows are considered either very low or extremely low income. That’s according to a report created by the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency in 2016. With housing prices continuing to climb, many of those residents are being pushed out of the area. Part of the problem is the lack of publicly subsidized, affordable housing. Reno Public Radio's Paul Boger reports.

Reno's New Debate Society Tackles Meaty Issues

May 25, 2016
Julia Ritchey

Are tax incentives that lure companies to Nevada good for Nevadans? That was the question posed at the inaugural event of the newly formed Debate Society of Reno — a citizen-led group encouraging a return to civic debate on important state and regional issues. 

Arguing for tax abatements was Republican Assembleyman Pat Hickey and Steve Hill from the Governor's Office of Economic Development, who helped craft deals that have brought companies like Tesla and Faraday Future to the state.