UNR Police Officer On Administrative Leave For Language At Traffic Stop

Sep 29, 2017

One University of Nevada, Reno police officer is on administrative leave because of body camera footage showing two officers making inappropriate comments to a graduate student during a traffic stop.

In the video, one officer makes a statement about a graduate student's size, while another jokes about shooting him.

Director of University Police Services Adam Garcia released a statement, saying he finds the language disturbing, offensive, and unacceptable. 

Garcia says that University Police and the school's Title IX Office are investigating the incident. 

The stop happened early Sunday morning on Virginia Street.

The university released the body cam video in an effort to be transparent.


The original video posted by the University is no longer available. According to a statement from a UNR spokesperson, the "University feels it is appropriate to redact and blur some of the identifying information." 

When asked why the video was released before taking steps to protect student information the spokesperson declined to go into detail.

KUNR has found a mirror of the original video, it can be found below.