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Nonpartisans feel disenfranchised, written off, excluded from primaries in swing state Nevada

There are more nonpartisan voters registered in Nevada than registered Democrats and Republicans, and that’s been the case since July of last year. However, they didn’t feel they had a voice in partisan races during the closed primary election earlier in June. In this month’s episode of Purple Politics Nevada, host Lucia Starbuck spoke to nonpartisans about election reform, disdain for the parties, and issues such as the environment.

Hear from real estate agent Rossana Bertani-Lopey, who is disappointed in the parties and is looking for candidates who will address immigration, affordable housing, and infrastructure. Carson City retiree Cliff Ruddick, 62, said the parties are too extreme. Many find themselves all over the map on issues, such as Reno resident Azlynn McFadden, who works at a cannabis dispensary and supports the Second Amendment.

Some nonpartisans are also looking forward to Ballot Question 3 in November for open primaries and ranked-choice voting for top-of-ticket races in the general election – Marine Corps veteran Mike Escobar is a huge proponent. So is 28-year-old father Carlos Pérez-Campbell, who switched to nonpartisan following the last election as a form of protest.

This episode also includes Jackie Salit and Thom Reilly, the co-directors of the Center for an Independent and Sustainable Democracy at Arizona State University, who have been studying the increase of independents, how they’re dismissed, and their role in past and future elections, including here in swing state Nevada.

Lucia Starbuck is an award-winning political journalist and the host of KUNR’s monthly show <i>Purple Politics Nevada</i>. She is passionate about reporting during election season, attending community events, and talking to people about the issues that matter most to them.
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Purple Politics Nevada is produced by KUNR’s Lucia Starbuck. Vicki Adame is the show’s editor, and Crystal Willis is the digital editor. Zoe Malen designed the show’s logo.