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Some Details On Adam Laxalt's Platform, Via GOP Rep. Jill Tolles

Adam Laxalt speaks to reports at a campaign event in Reno.
Jacob Solis
Adam Laxalt speaks to reports at a campaign event in Reno.

Over the past few weeks, KUNR has been airing interviews with several candidates for political office across the state. However, there are a few voices that have been missing, namely the Republican candidate for governor, Adam Laxalt. KUNR was unable to schedule a sit-down with the candidate despite repeated requests. As part of an effort to learn more about his stance on the issues, KUNR's Paul Boger spoke with another prominent Republican, Assemblywoman Jill Tolles of Reno, to talk about why she's supporting Laxalt's campaign for governor.

"Education is something that is really important to me," Tolles said, "and I know that there were a lot of unknowns at first with Adam Laxalt's position on education and a lot of clarification has come out about that, that he has absolutely made that a priority. [He] recognizes that that is an important driver to economic prosperity."

Laxalt, however, has voiced a desire to repeal the state’s commerce tax, which was created in 2015 in order to increase funding for the state’s public education system. Tolles says even if the tax is repealed, Nevada’s recent economic boom should more than cover the increase.

"In no way does he support repealing any of the funding for education. That is absolutely critical that we keep that. What you'll also see, and I'm privy to this in the legislature, but so is the public, as the economic forum releases information on how we're doing, it turns out that we're overperforming in other taxation areas [and] revenue streams as well. So, as the economy keeps growing and becoming more robust, we're seeing so is that revenue. Regardless of whatever happens to the Commerce Tax...I feel satisfied with his commitment that education is going to stay the same in terms of that investment." 

KUNR did speak to Adam Laxaltprior to the primary election. We also spoke to his opponent, Democrat Steve Sisolak, both before the primary and before the general election.

This article is an excerpt of an extended conversation. You can listen to a longer interview by clicking the play button above.

Paul Boger is a former reporter at KUNR Public Radio.
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