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KUNR 2020 Voter Guide: Assembly District 32

KUNR 2020 voter guide for Assembly District 32. Illustration of a ballot being placed into a box. A pencil and a roll of stickers are in front of the box.
Crystal Willis

Assembly District 32 features a rematch from the 2018 election. Republican incumbent Alexis Hansen looks to defend her seat against Democrat Paula Povilaitis. Hansen is a realtor and co-owns Hansen and Son’s Plumbing with her husband Ira Hansen, who previously held the Assembly seat before being elected to the Senate in 2018. Povilaitis is a part-time substitute teacher for Sierra Nevada Job Corps.

District 32 is a sprawling area that includes Humboldt, Pershing, Lander, Esmeralda, and Mineral Counties, along with northern Washoe County and parts of Nye County. The seat is largely considered a Republican stronghold.

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As a note: All responses in KUNR's 2020 Voter Guide have been submitted by the candidates. KUNR has not changed the answers other than to provide fact-checking as needed, indicated in the text with italics and parentheses.

Paula Povilaitis. Decorative header with a patriotic color scheme.
Credit KUNR
Headshot of Paula Povilaitis. She is looking toward the camera and smiling.
Credit Courtesy of Paula Povilaitis

Name: Paula Povilaitis
Occupation: Guest Teacher Sierra Nevada Job Corps
Political Affiliation: Democrat 

Why are you running for office?

I live in Assembly District 32. It is the largest district with seven counties. I am the candidate who advocates for the "Rural lifestyle" and those who choose it. I hope to bring needed services to our rural communities. Such as broadband internet.

How would you describe yourself to voters?

I am forward-thinking. I like to create solutions to problems. I am positive and a person who likes to get things done. I will give 100%.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing Nevada?

Our revenue setback from COVID-19. We must look for new revenue streams. Our education funding must be stabilized.

Is there one particular issue (education, health care, criminal justice reform, etc.) that you consider most important as a candidate? Why?

As a 30 year educator, I want to improve our national ranking. We need stable funding for our schools and attractive teacher salaries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on Nevada in countless ways. In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic thus far?

We have done a good job but can improve. All must wear masks and social distance. The sacrifice we make will put our economy back on track. Our numbers of cases is too high.

During the recent 31st Special Session, lawmakers cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the state budget to address a roughly $1.2 billion budget hole created by the pandemic’s economic fallout. That included large cuts to K-12 and higher education, Medicaid and other state services. Do you support the steps taken by the legislature to balance the budget? If not, why?

Cuts had to be made as States must balance their budgets. We need to tax our Mining and Casino industries at a higher rate. Federal funding will help. If it comes through.

In the 32nd Special Session, Democratic leaders approved a set of resolutions aimed at amending the state constitution to increase taxes on the state’s mining industry. Do you support or oppose those efforts to increase taxes on mining?

Yes. It was long overdue.

For years, Nevada’s K-12 education system has consistently ranked among the lowest in the country. What steps should lawmakers take to improve the state’s public schools for all children?

Stable funding. Increase incentives for rural teachers. Raise teacher salaries.

What is one thing you believe voters should know about you?

I am 100% committed to serving my constituents and Nevadans. I love this state and its' citizens. I will protect our environment and improve the economy. All Nevadans deserve a quality life.

Learn more about Paula Povilaitis at paulaforassembly.com

Alexis Hansen. Decorative header with a patriotic color scheme.
Credit KUNR

Name: Alexis Hansen

Alexis Hansen has not yet responded to KUNR’s request to participate in this voter guide. We will post the response if it becomes available.

For information on other races, visit our KUNR 2020 Voter Guide home page.

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