Folkloric Ballet Creates Connection To Ancestry

Sep 15, 2017

Folkloric ballet is a traditional Latin American dance that focuses on local folk culture with ballet characteristics. Reno Youth Radio reporter Veronica Garcia explores the significance of Mexican folkloric ballet and expresses her love for dance.

Folkloric ballet is not just for a good time, but a good way to learn more of history.

Credit Reena Gupta

"Like many forms of art, dance is a special way people can represent something, even from their past," Garcia says.

The male dancers wear silver suits and the female dancers wear long, colorful dresses.

The silver suits represent the pride of Mexico's past as a silver-producing country. The women's dresses represent the colorful atmosphere of Mexico.

"I started dancing when I was a little kid," Garcia explains. " I had always admired folkloric ballet because I always felt a certain connection and love for my ancestors."