Gaming Art Exhibit Opens at UNR for Artown | KUNR

Gaming Art Exhibit Opens at UNR for Artown

Jul 2, 2013

This week marks the start of Artown, the annual month-long celebration of the arts in Reno. Artown is hosting more than 600 events, including concerts, plays, workshops, and a gaming-themed art exhibit at UNR's Knowledge Center. The exhibit opened this week and includes more than 80 artworks reflecting the local gambling industry. Donnelyn Curtis is head of special collections for the library. She says that along with including staples of fine art, such as photographs, paintings, and sculptures, the exhibit also highlights seemingly ordinary everyday items from the gambling world, like neon signs, show girl costumes, ash trays, matchbooks, and room keys, among many others. "In a casino, there;s s much to look at; there's so much going on; there's so much sound. You know, you're a little overwhelmed. And theyre' crowded, so you don't really get to look at those things and see the artistry that's in them. So, in this exhibit we brought in more than just the art people did on the site; we brought in the art that people did in their jobs." The exhibit is part of Artown, but it will remain open through mid-September. You can tune in to KUNR on Friday afternoon at 2 to hear our full interview with Donnelyn Curtis featured on our local news program Beyond the Headlines.