Interview: Lander County Schools Facing Financial Challenges

May 7, 2018

Enrollment in the Lander County School District accounts for less than one percent of the total student population in Nevada public schools, and like most districts in rural Nevada, it receives more state funding per pupil than Washoe or Clark Counties. 

Lander County Superintendent Dan Landis sat down with KUNR’s Paul Boger to talk about how financial constraints are challenging the district.

Last year, Lander County Schools spent more than $13,000 per pupil. That’s roughly $4,000 more per pupil than the state average, and for some school leaders, including Lantis, it's still not enough.

"The previous administration, along with the board, had spent a lot of money on upgrading facilities in Battle Mountain and, actually, they spent too much," Lantis says.

In this interview, Lantis provides an update on the public school system in Lander, including challenges, like recruiting and retaining quality teachers in a rural area. 

As an editor’s note, the Lander County School Board recently voted to not renew Lantis’ contract for next year due in part to the fiscal problems facing the district.