Interview: The Story Behind This Massive Trout

Mar 16, 2016

Visiting Fisherman Nick Roberts shows off his honorable catch at Pyramid Lake in early March.
Credit John Fochetti (

We recently posted a photo on Facebook of a visiting fisherman named Nick Roberts holding a 23-pound Lahontan Cutthroat Trout that he caught at Pyramid Lake just outside Reno. Now, close to 350,000 people have seen that post and almost 4,000 have shared it. So, what's the story behind that big fish? 

To find out, our News Director Michelle Billman caught up with local fly fishing guide John Fochetti who was there.

Fochetti has been a guide at Pyramid Lake in recent years, but he's also been visiting the area for the last decade. He's seen the water level drop due to drought, but he says the fishing has actually improved during that time.

"I would say, maybe, six or seven years ago out there if you were fishing for a ten-pound fish, that was the mark," he says. "You got your trophy out of Pyramid."

John Fochetti holds another Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (22 pounds) caught by angler Bucko Theriot.
Credit John Fochetti (

In the past few weeks, Fochetti or someone in his party has caught a trout over ten pounds every day they've gone out, including the fish that has gone viral. The post received more than 400 comments, many from people wondering if the fishermen feasted on their catch. 

"It's still swimming," Fochetti reveals. "We release everything so that it'll get even bigger than 23 pounds. Someone else will catch one that's 25."