Klobuchar Draws More Than A Thousand In Reno Visit

Feb 15, 2020

Democratic presidential hopeful, Amy Klobuchar, has made her first appearance in Northern Nevada following avstrong showing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Speaking to more than 1,000 voters in Reno on Friday, the Minnesota senator says she has a track record of winning in traditionally Republican-leaning areas.

"I have won every race, every place, every time," Klobuchar said. "I have not just won it by a little bit. I have won in all the rural Congressional districts, Republican districts. I have won where the steel workers are in Northern Minnesota by huge margins. I have won Michele Bachmann's district every single time."

Through this election cycle, Klobuchar has billed herself as a more moderate alternative to the progressive wing of her party, touting her willingness to work in a bipartisan manner. It's a trait she believes is needed to take on President Donald Trump this November.

According to a poll released by WPA Intellegence, Klobuchar has roughly 10 percent of support among likely caucus-goers in Nevada. That's up from about four percent last month.