Nevada Mining 'Are Dying For Rail'

Sep 5, 2018

Economic Development officials in Nevada are looking for ways to expand the use of rail systems across the state. Our contributor, Kaleb Roedel with the Northern Nevada Business View has more.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is currently conducting a feasibility study looking at the state's rail plan. 

The study is examining such lengths of track as the the Las Vegas to Reno line, the Las Vegas to Los Angeles line, and portions of the lines between Reno and the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center as well as those tracks between the Bay Area and Truckee.

Nevada has 1,193 miles of rail, owned by the Union Pacific Railroad, stretched across the state.

However, improvements to the railways may be difficult to fund because state law prohibits spending gas tax dollars on rail.

But, according to economic development officials, the improvements may be needed because mining interests up and down central Nevada are dying for rail.

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