Reno Lawyer Challenges How City Handled Clinger Investigations

Jan 12, 2017

Reno attorney Mark Mausert issued a blistering rebuttal to the city’s handling of investigations into alleged misconduct of former City Manager Andrew Clinger. Our reporter Bob Conrad of ThisisReno has the story, which he has been following since last summer.

Credit Alexa Ard

Clinger resigned his position and has denied any wrongdoing. But Mausert took aim at the city’s actions and how two investigations into allegations against Clinger were conducted.

“You had this fractured, very, very hostile work environment and the first investigator repeatedly stated ‘that’s beyond the scope of my investigation.’ Well, that’s precisely what she should have been investigating,” says Mausert.

Mausert represents three women who have filed complaints against the city. Two of the women have since resigned, and the city paid more than $225,000 for the investigations.

City Attorney Karl Hall disputes Mausert's claims. He says that Mausert placed unreasonable demands on the city and interfered with the investigation.

Hall added that the city looks forward to defending itself in court.