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Supporting LGBTQ+ Representation In Local Government

Feb 6, 2020

This year, there are several LGBTQ+ candidates running for office around Nevada. They say it’s time there’s more representation in local government.

A recent fundraiser called Candidates for Equality 2020 brought together community members and local candidates who are in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Aaron Sims is a prospective candidate for the mayor of Carson City, Nevada.
Credit Lucia Starbuck

“I don't shy away from the fact that this is a historic race,” Aaron Sims said, "I would be the first openly gay mayor Carson City's ever had."

Official candidate filing has yet to open for the position, but he’s already bracing himself for challenges. So far, he’s received nothing but positive reactions and said it’s critical for there to be LGBTQ+ representation in government.

“You're seeing more of it across the country and even across the world, where people are able to stand up — regardless of what their sexual orientation might be — and run for office, take a stand, be somebody who can protect other folks in marginalized communities,” Sims said.

Rebecca Goff is a Reno native and helped sponsor the Candidates for Equality 2020 event.
Credit Lucia Starbuck

Rebecca Goff, a Reno native, helped sponsor the fundraiser and considers herself an ally to this community.

“They have issues that are different and that need to be addressed. For so long [these issues] have been ignored or even worse vilified or just pushed to the side. They have voices that need to be heard,” Goff said.

She wants to see more of these voices in all levels of government.

"I think it's important for, especially the younger generation, to see that it doesn't matter what orientation you are, what race you are [or] what gender you are. You can be in these positions of authority. You can make a difference in your community,” Goff said.

According to an index put together by the Human Rights Campaign, many cities in Nevada could do much more to improve inclusivity for LGBTQ+ community members.