Three Reno High Schools Are Among Top Ten In Nevada

Apr 23, 2016

Credit Alexa Ard

Three schools in Reno made the list of top ten high schools in Nevada, which was released this week by the U.S. News & World Report. Reno Public Radio’s Rocio Hernandez talked with the principal of Galena High, which came in second for the state.

Principal Tom Brown has been at Galena as an administrator and teacher for more than a decade. Brown says the ranking is a testament to Galena’s comprehensive teaching. 

Along with 18 advanced placement courses, Galena also offers its students career and technical education in areas such as computers and construction, as well as art and music programs. 

“They do lot of things here and we have a lot of activities outside the classroom," Brown says. "That contributes. Where kids are active here at our school, those are things structurally in our school that make a difference.”

Brown says even with the high ranking, Galena doesn’t plan on slowing down. He’d like to see the graduation rate, which took a slight drop to 86 percent last year, reach the 90's again. He also says it's crucial for the school to prepare their students for life after high school, whether they plan on going to college or joining the work force.

In Reno, the Academy of Art Careers and Technology, along with Reno High, made the cut.