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UNR Responds To White Supremacist Fliers On Campus

Sep 10, 2019

As the University of Nevada, Reno kicked off its third week of classes, students were greeted by more than just homework. There were also fliers from a white supremacy group scattered throughout campus.

The fliers were posted in at least five buildings Monday, with most being taken down by the university within a few hours. This comes after a swastika was discovered last week in the stairwell of the new Wolf Pack Tower, a residence hall at Circus Circus. It's not known whether the symbol was there before or after students moved in.

Eloisa Gordon-Mora is the university's diversity and inclusion officer. She says this type of white supremacist propaganda isn't unique to UNR, and is a reflection of society as a whole.

"Of course, one feels vulnerable, and as a woman of color, I definitely feel the sense of intimidation and vulnerability; however, precisely that's what these hate-enticing groups count on," she says.

Gordon-Mora says dealing with these issues is complex, as university officials need to balance the rights of free speech with the consequences of hateful rhetoric.

Stephanie Serrano contributed to this report.

Editor's Note: KUNR withheld the name of the group and declined to showcase detailed photos of the fliers as it is our goal to educate the community about important issues without elevating the message of hate groups.

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